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Franchising1st is an Australian organisation with deep and practical franchising experience  delivering franchise advisory and technology solutions that enhance profitability for both franchisors and franchisees.



We have practical experience across retail and service industries in Australia and overseas. Franchising1st works with brands small and large to prosper in a world disrupted by digital transformation.


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Features Overview.

Our platform helps you manage the visibility of your compliance requirements, obligations as a franchisor, share information with external legal providers, and be 100% compliant with international standards, no matter where in the world your franchisees are taking your business.



Digital Transformation

Process Improvement

Franchisee Financial Structure

Digital Marketing


Implementation Services and Data Migration

Technical Solutions


Franchisee recruitment

Franchise Management Systems

Customer Relationship Management

Compliance Management

Document & Records Management

Digital Asset Management


Digital & Data Solutions


Business Intelligence / Data Visualisation

Enterprise Social Tools

Mobile and Field Worker Solutions

Franchisee Portal / Intranet

Unified Communications - Tel & Web Conferencing

Security and Data Leak Protection

Franchise Advisory Services for Cultural and Digital Transformation

Partnerships Matter
in a Mobile 1st World.


Franchising1st works with brands small and large to prosper in a world disrupted by digital transformation.
We just announced Facebook Workplace apart of our valuable network.
Watch below to view the launch. 


Franchising1st partners up with Facebook Workplace.


“The most innovative way to develop, manage  and optimize your franchise system.”

— Brad Rappell Founder


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Meet the Team. 


Brad Rappell

Founder franchising 1st
Brad has 20 years in business ownership and has deep technology and business transformation experience across many industrY SEctors including being CIO advisor to many franchise SYSTEMS.
HE is currently a member of the Microsoft World Partnership Council.


Caine Barends

Founder franchising 1st
Caine has 20 years of business ownership and advisory experience including ownership of a home building franchise system. He is an expert at commercial structures, franchisE system structure and business advisory services


Aeden Glasby

Lead Solutions Architect
Aedan has over 10 years experience in IT services and solution architecture. He holds multiple Microsoft MCSE and MCSA qualifications, as well as holding a position in the Microsoft Partner Seller team, ensuring exposure to the latest and greatest cloud technologies from Microsoft.

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We help you work with your Franchisees toward sustainable business success, helping the way Franchisors and Franchisees work together.

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